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Garage Door Cable

Garage Door Cable

We do maintenance and emergency repair services of damaged garage door cables and tracks

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Garage Door Company

Our company offer efficient garage door repair services. Count on us for a fast response and flawless results

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

We offer great electric garage door maintenance service and are very thorough

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A Professional’s garage door hand book

08/08/2013 Back To Blog

A lot of people would like to know more about their garage doors other than the fact that they open and close whenever required. It’s very important to have the right tools at hand should your garage door stop working.

One of the most important tools that are often taken for granted is the handbook. This book contains a lot of valuable information that can assist you in repairing, maintaining and replacing your garage door. However, it important to always have an expert or professional irrespective of the number of times you will have through the book and understood it.

Garage door glossary to help you out

  • genie repair
  • Curtain

This term is used to refer to the part or face of the door that goes side to side or down or up.

Dead load

This term is used to refer to a garage door as it rests or lies in a closed position.

Extension springs

They are one out of the two types of springs. They are responsible for carrying out the weight of a garage door as its being lifted.

Flush design

This is a flat garage door with a flush design. They often have no grooves or indentations.

Flag bracket

They are used to connect the horizontal and vertical tracks.


This refers to the thickness of steel used to make the garage door. It’s important to note that, the larger the number, the thinner the steel.

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